Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Hi folks! This is the kickstart for my very first blog post. Why I am writing this post I don’t know. I am telling you this because you will go up to end of these insignificant thing called blog reading & you will gain nothing. So get lost from here or waste your time reading these disarranged letters. Did I hurt you? No. I never did. How can I hurt anyone whom I never knew?
                      You may have hurt yourself because you know very well which thing hurts you; still you got hurt. Isn’t it funny thing? Here are some of memorized words in some language called English and those are carved on our brains that’s why you can sense what follows behind and forth of this writing. To be frank, that is very untrue to say but as everybody says I say too – there is nothing to write in the beginning. Have you read bible or Quoran? Those are supposed to be very first books where some maddies have tried to tell us about the origin of everything. But finally they got messed just like this post is getting messed up!
                     Oh my God (I don’t know anything about this thing, I am using it as just for blaming the void just like we say what the fuck!), where I had started where I have reached! Now some of you who delight themselves reading Bible & Quoran and feel they are Christians and Muslims, if any, please keep your conscience awake.
                  I have just referred Bible and Quoran not for insulting you or your belief but just because Bible and Quoran claims to be very first books. So coming to the point, there is nothing in the beginning; there is no Bible, no Quoran and nothing, nobody is there in the beginning, except those persons who have ink and pen and paper at their disposal. They committed that mistake of telling “there was nothing in the beginning and thrieved to give an account of how things originated out of nothing ” That’s why I choose THUS SPAKE NOBODY as title of this blog! This is not easy for me to write out of nothing for this blog. In that sense writing a blog and writing a Bible and Quoran carries same risk.
                 At this point I may seem to be insisting upon some kind of perfection, of writing on very clean slate, clean words and clean meaning but please don’t get it wrong. I am not in mood to do any such foolish thing. How can be there any perfection when we claim to be the creatures living in some kind of 21st  century that is some kind of method of counting time with our tiny brains. Before this writing 21,000 years have been passed, if I have learned counting well from my teacher. So there cannot be any perfection for anything including atoms and cells in our bodies and everything that is spread inside, across, under, beneath and outside you and me.
                Either there is origin only and no end or there is no origin and no end. I am not responsible for whatever you got from last sentence. This is time for me to sleep. Good bye.  

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Besides writing plenty of stuff in Marathi as a blogger, here I am set to write in English too! My earlier Marathi blog was purely a budding person's blog with much stuff which can be categorized as "do gooder's stuff". Finally I am finished with that kind of business, I am no more interested in responses of readers, I am no more interested in educating peoples with fancy subject each time for a post. Then if that is the case, what the hell I will write here & what for? I don't know.
Perhaps, this writing may be another kind of self exercise to brush up my English writing skill once again. I do work as translator in Marathi, Hindi & English. Yeah, just got an idea! I will pic up a good writer in English for each post, will choose his some of paragraphs, will study it for myself, will try to elaborate his language skills. How is it?
Also, reading my blog's name I am in mood to write my opinions on crucial issues, those are in the blue yet for myself, but are many over there. I will pic those issues one by one for the posting.
Enough of preface!