Thursday, 28 October 2010


Besides writing plenty of stuff in Marathi as a blogger, here I am set to write in English too! My earlier Marathi blog was purely a budding person's blog with much stuff which can be categorized as "do gooder's stuff". Finally I am finished with that kind of business, I am no more interested in responses of readers, I am no more interested in educating peoples with fancy subject each time for a post. Then if that is the case, what the hell I will write here & what for? I don't know.
Perhaps, this writing may be another kind of self exercise to brush up my English writing skill once again. I do work as translator in Marathi, Hindi & English. Yeah, just got an idea! I will pic up a good writer in English for each post, will choose his some of paragraphs, will study it for myself, will try to elaborate his language skills. How is it?
Also, reading my blog's name I am in mood to write my opinions on crucial issues, those are in the blue yet for myself, but are many over there. I will pic those issues one by one for the posting.
Enough of preface!